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How to Find Business Plans: BPH Cumulative Index




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Business Plans Handbook Cumulative Index

3D Archery Range

3-D Printing Service

3-D Property Imaging Business

Academic Testing Improvement Service

Accounting Service

Accounting Systems Consultants

Acoustical Consultant

Actuarial Consulting Business

Adaptation Management Consultant

Adoption Counselor

Adult Day Care Center

Adventure Travel Lodging Company

Adventure Travel Planner 

Advertising Agency

Advertising Brokerage Firm

Aerospace Supplier

Aftermarket Internet Applications

Aftermarket Skate Store

Agricultural Consultant

Agricultural Drone Business

Agritourism Attraction

Air Brushing Services

Air Duct Cleaning Company

Aircraft Repossession Service


Airport Shuttle

Alcohol-free Entertainment Center

Ambulance Service

Angel Investor Network

Animal Behaviorist

Apartment Complex

Apartment Stager

Apparel Manufacturer

Appliance Repair Business



Archery Education Business

Architecture Firm

Archival Consulting Business

Aromatherapy Business

Art Easel Manufacturer

Art Gallery

Art Glass Studio

Artist Market & Event Space Business

Arts and Crafts Company

Arts & Crafts Show Organizing Business

Assisted Living Facility

ATM Sales and Service Company

ATV Park

Audio Production Service

Auto Accessories and Detailing

Auto Detailing

Auto Sales Company

Auto Wash

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

Automobile Advertising

Automobile Appraiser

Automobile Assembly

Automobile Detailing Service

Automotive Dealer

Automotive Repair Service

AV Equipment Rental Business

Axe-Throwing & Gaming Venue

Axe Throwing Club

Baby Furniture Rental

Baby Gear Rental Service 

Baby Proofing Service

Backyard Recreation Area Developer

Bagel Shop

Bail Bonding


Baking Lessons Business 

Banquet Facility

Barbecue Sauce Manufacturer

Barber School


Bathroom Remodeling Business 

Bartending Service

Baseball Instruction Business 

Basement Remodeler Business 

Basement Waterproofing Business

Beauty Salon

Bed & Breakfast

Beekeeping Business

Before/After School Program

Bicycle Repair

Bicycle Shop

Biobased Metalworking Fluids Company

Biodiesel Plant

Biofeedback Therapy Service


Bioterrorism Prevention Organization

Biscotti Bakery

Bistro and Wine Bar

Blockchain Technology Consultant 

Boat Cleaning Business

Boat Repair Business 

Bodyguard Service

Book Cover Designer

Bookkeeping Practice

Bookkeeping Services 


Bottled Water Manufacturer

Bowling Alley

Boxing Gym 

Bread Bakery


Bridal Salon


Brownfield Redevelopment Consultant 

Build-Your-Own Pizza Business

Burger Stand

Business Attorney

Business Consulting

Business Continuity Consultant

Business Development Firm

Business Development Consulting Service 

Business Valuation Expert

Cabinet Painter 


Cafe and Gas Station


Campus Apartment Complex

Candy Manufacturing Business

Candy Store 

Car Audio Installation Business 

Car Buying Consultant 

Car Service

Car Wash

Car Wash and Car Detailing Business

Career Change Consultant

Career Exploration Camp Developer

Career Training Fund 

Caribbean Cafe

Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Installation Business 

Cartography Business 


Cat Sitter

Catering Service

Caviar Company

Cemetery Cleaning Business

Ceramics Business

Change Management Consultant

Charity Youth Hockey Tournament

Chauffeur Service 

Cheer Academy Business

Chemical Manufacturer

Chicken Coop Business 

Child Carpooling Service

Child Transportation Service

Child Proofing Service 

Children's Art, Dance, and Play Space

Children's Author

Children's Book Gift Box/Subscription Service

Children's Bookstore

Children's Catering Business

Children's Hair Salon

Children's Indoor Recreation Center

Children's Party Planner

Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweep/Screen Repair Business

Chiropractic Office

Christmas Ornament Company



Cigar Company

Cigar Shop

Climate Change Policy Advisory

Climbing Outfitter

Clothing Alterations and Tailoring 

Clothing Alterations Business 

Cloud Computing Business

CNC Woodcraft Business 

Coatings Inspection Company

Coffee Bean Plant/Exporter

Coffee House

Coffee Roaster

Coffee Truck

College Preparation Consultant

Combination Coffeehouse/Play Spot

Comedy Club

Comic Book Publisher

Commercial Bank

Commercial Cleaning Business 

Commercial Diving Service

Commercial Driving School 

Commercial Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Commercial & Residential Aquarium Maintenance

Commodities Trading Firm

Community Health Program Organization 

Community-Supported Organic Farm 

Competitive Intelligence Consulting Business 

Composting Business

Computer Matchmaking Service

Computer Programming Lessons Business 

Computer Repair & Technical Support

Computer Reseller

Computer Systems Administrator 

Computer Training Service Business

Concealed Carry Training Business

Concierge Service

Concert Promotions Company

Concession Equipment Rental Business

Concrete Art Business

Concrete Coating Company

Condiment Manufacturer

Consignment Shop

Construction Development & Real Estate Firm

Construction and Home Rehabilitation Company

Construction Cleaning Service 

Convenience Store & Bait Shop

Cookbook Editor

Cookie Shop

Copy Shop

Corner Store

Corporate Event Planning Business 

Corporate Wellness Program Development Business 

Cosmetics Manufacturer

Cost Cutting Consulting Business

Costume Designer 

Counseling Center

Counseling Practice 

Country Club

Courier Service 

Court Reporting Business 

Craft Glass Jewelry Business

Crane Service

Creative Agency

Credit Monitoring Service


Crime Scene Cleaning/Bioremediation Business

Cross-Country Ski Instruction Business 

Cross-Stitch Business 

Crowdfunding Website

Cultural Advisor 

Cupcake Studio Business

Currency Trading

Custodial Cleaning Company

Custom Carpentry Shop

Custom Cake Baker

Custom Denim Retailer

Custom Gift & Apparel Business 

Custom Jewelry/Gift Box Business

Custom Monogramming & Engraving Services

Custom Paint and Body Shop/Classic Car Restorations

Custom Quilt Business

Custom Spiritwear Company

Custom Wood Furniture Business 

Customer Service Consultant

Dance and Skate Outfitter

Dance Lessons Business

Dance Studio

Data Entry Service

Day Camp Organizer

Daycare Facility


Day Spa

Debt Collection Agency

Decontamination Service 

Delivery-only Restaurant 

Demography Consultant 

Demolition Contractor

Dental Laboratory

Dental Writer


Desktop Publishing Company

Detective Agency

Dial-It Service

Diaper Delivery

Digital Artist

Digital Asset Management Consultant

Digital Forensics Analyst

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Writer

Digital Presentations

Digital Skills Development & Career Coaching Business


Direct Mail Outlet

Disability Outreach Network 

Disaster Planning Service 

Discount Consumer Electronics Retailer

Discount Internet Securities Broker

Dispatched Trucking Company

Display Technology Company

Dispute Resolution Service 

DIY Automotive Repair Busin

DIY Project Plan Business 

DJ Service

Document Management Consultant

Document Scanning Business 

Document Shredding Business 

Dog Breeding and Training Business

Dog Training Business

Dog Treats Business

Dollar Store

Dollhouse Manufacturing Business 

Domestic Services Provider

Drive Through Coffee Business 

Driving Range/Golf Lessons Business 

Driving School

Drone Pilot Business

Drone Rental and Photography Service 

Drone Repair Business

Dry Cleaner

Dumpster Rental Business

DVD Kiosk Rental Business

Early Childhood Development Specialist/Consultant 

Early Childhood Program

E-Bike Business 

E–Commerce Website Producer

Economic Consultant

Editorial Services & Consulting

Educational Consulting Firm

Educational Resources 

Elder Care

Elder Health Advocate

Elder Law Practice 

Electrical Contracting

Electrical Contractor 

Electronic Document Security Company

Electronic Waste Collection Service

Emu Ranch

Energy Consultant

Energy Efficiency Auditing Firm

Energy Solutions Company

Engineering Management Consultant

Engraving and Personalization Services 

Entertainment Production, Distribution, and Performance Company

Environmental Consultant 

Environmental Consulting Service 

Environmentally–Friendly Greenhouse

Environmentally–Minded Residential Construction Company


Equipment Rental


Escape Room Franchise 

Essential Oils Retail Sales 

Estate Sale Organization

Ethanol Fuel Production

Ethical Hacker Business 

Ethnic Food Supplier

Etsy Shop

Event Photography Service

Event Planning Company

Event Venue 

e-waste Collection and Recycling Business

Exercise Physiologist

Exhibit Design Business 

Exotic Car Rental Service

Facilities Management Consultant Practice 

Factoring Company

Factory Tours 

Fall Prevention Consultant 

Family Entertainment Center

Family Entertainment Center Business 

Fantasy Book & Memorabilia Store


Fast Food

Fence Installation and Repair Company 

Fencing Contractor

Fencing Instructor 

Fertilizer & Commodity Chemicals Company

Field Interview Service

Financial Services Company

Fire Equipment Retailer

Fire Prevention & Inspection Service

Firewood Dealer

First-Aid Training 

Fitness Center

Flight School 

Floral Designer


Food Allergy Consulting

Food and Beverage Vending Company

Food Critic 

Food, Diet, & Nutrition Company

Food Hall Business 

Food Manufacturer

Food Processor

Food Service Management Consultant

Food Truck

Food Writer 

Forensic Artist

Forklift Maintenance & Repair Business

Framing/Antiques Store

Franchise Postal Service

Freelance Children's Librarian

Freelance Editor

Freelance Fitness and Nutrition Writing Business 

Freelance Indexer 

Freight Expediting

Fumigation & Pest Control Business 

Fundraising Program Developer 

Funeral Home 

Furniture Bank 

Furniture Resale Shop

Furniture Restoration Company

Furniture Sales and Restoration

Furniture Store


Garage Door Repair Technician

Garden Designer

Gardening Consulting Business

Gas Station


Genealogy Research Service 

General Contracting Company

General Contractor

General Construction Company

General Staffing Company

Genetic Counselor 

Geriatric Massage Therapist 

Ghostwriting Business 

Gift Basket Service

Gift Box Business 

Gift Box Subscription Business 

Gift Shop

Gift Store

Gift Wrapping Business

Giftware Company

Glass Painting Business



Gluten-Free Bakery

Go–Cart Designer and Supplier

Go Kart Track

Gold Mining

Golf Driving Range

Golf Grip Manufacturer

Golf Instructor 

Golf-Themed Restaurant and Conference Facility

Gourmet Foods Company

Gourmet Hot Dog

Graffiti Removal Service

Grant Writer

Graphic Designer

Graphic Novelist

Green Transportation Consultant

Green/Sustainability Consulting Firm

Greenhouse and Flower Shop

Greeting Card Design Business 

Grocery Delivery Service 

Grocery Store

Group Childcare Service

Group Fitness Business 

Growth Marketing Consultant

Gutter Cleaning Service 

Hair Salon

Handmade Greeting Card Company

Handmade Knitted Items 

Handmade Writing Instruments & Accessories Business

Handyman Service


Health Advocacy Business

Health Communications Consultant

Health Content Broker 

Health Informatics Analyst

Health Insurance Company

Health and Wellness Coaching Business

Healthcare Burnout Consultant Firm 

Healthcare Marketing Agency

Healthcare Process Improvement Consultant

Healthcare Software Company

Healthcare Translation & Interpretation Business

Healthy Meal Prep Business

Healthy Vending

Hedge Fund

Historic Preservation Organization

Historical Researcher 

Holistic Health Center

Home Accessibility Services Provider

Home Brewing Supplies Company

Home Décor Products Manufacturer

Home Energy Auditor

Home Furnishing Manufacturer

Home Inspection Company

Home Inventory Business 

Home Network Security Specialist

Home Office Designer 

Home Organization Service

Home Oxygen Delivery Service

Home Renovation Contractor

Home Repair and Improvement Contractor

Home Repair Training Business 

Home Staging Business

Home Weatherization Service 

Home Weatherization/Energy Conservation Business 

Home Winterizing Services Company 

Homeless Shelter

Homemade Candle Company 

Homeschooling Consultant 

Horse Riding School

Hot Meal Delivery Service 

Hotdog Cart 

Hotel Resort

Hotshot Trucking Business

House Cleaning

Housesitting and Property Management Business 

Housing Rehabilitation Company

Human Resources Consultant

Ice Cream Parlor

Ice Cream Retail and Manufacturing Business 

Ice Cream Shop

Image Consulting

Import Boutique

Import/Export Company

Import/Export Store

Indoor Playground

Indoor Softball Practice Facility

Indoor Sports and Athletic Training Facility 

Industrial Engineering Consultant 

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist 

Inflatable Amusement Rental Business

Inflatable Party Rentals 

Infographics Studio

Information Broker Business

Information Technology Personnel Agency

Infusion Therapy

In-Home Senior Adult Services


Innovation Consultant

Insurance Agency

Intellectual Property Law Practice 

Interactive Display Developer 

Interactive Testing Service

Interior Decorator

Interior Design Company

Interior Landscape Contractor 

Interior Painting Service

Interior Renovation Company

Internal Communications Consultant

Internet Bid Clearinghouse

Internet Cafe

Internet Communications Service Provider

Internet Consultant

Internet Loyalty Program

Internet Marketplace

Internet & Network Security Solution Provider

Internet Services Portal Site

Internet Software Company

Internet Travel Agency Business

Interpersonal Communications Coach

Interpretation and Translation Services

Investment Advisory Firm

Investor Trading Software Company

iPhone App Developer

ISO Consultant 

IT Network Installer

IT Tech Consulting 

Jewelry Designer

Jewelry Making Business 

Judicial Interpreter Business

Junk Removal Business

Ladder Company

Land Clearing Business 

Landscaping Service

Laser Engraving Business 


Law Practice

Lawn and Garden Equipment Repair Business

Leadership Development Consultant 

Learning and Development Advisor

Leasing Company

Leather Accessory Manufacturer

Legal Nurse Consultant

Library Systems Consultants

Light Delivery Service 

Light Tech-Support Business

Limited Liability Company

Literacy Promotion Organization 

Literary Agency

Litigation Services Company

Local History Education Service

Local History Tour Guide

Loss Prevention Consultant

Low–Cost Home Decorating Service

Low Vision Therapist

Low-Voltage Wiring Contractor

Magazine Publisher


Mailing List Broker 

Mailing List Service

Management Consulting Service

Manufacturing Business

Manufacturing Engineering Consultant

Marble Quarry


Market Research Analyst

Marketing Communications Firm

Marketing Services

Martial Arts School

Massage Therapists

Maternity Aid

Meal Facilitation and Preparation Company

Meat Market

Media Conversion Company

Media Duplication & Transferring Business

Media Producer

Medical Billing Company

Medical Equipment Producer

Medical Marijuana Clinic

Medical Practice

Medical Staffing Agency

Medical Waste Disposal Services 

Medical/Scientific Writing Business

Member Services Agency

Memoir Writing & Teaching Business 

Memorial Gifts Maker

Men's Clothing Retailer

Men's Salon 

Mental Wellness Program Advisor

Mentally Disabled Care Facility

Messenger Service

Metal Building Business 

Metal Shop


Millennial Marketing Consultant 

Mindfulness Coach 

Mixed Media Artist

Mobile App Development Business

Mobile Day Spa 

Mobile DJ Business

Mobile Espresso Catering Business

Mobile Hairdresser

Mobile Hair Salon 

Mobile IT Services Provider

Mobile Mini Putt Putt Business

Mobile Nail Studio 

Mobile Oil Change Business

Mobile Pet Grooming Business

Mobile Petting Zoo 

Mobile Pizza Kitchen Business

Mobile Studio

Mobile Veterinary Practice

Mobile Welding Service

Mobile Wood-Burning Pizza Oven Business

Mobility Services Organization 

Money Manager Service

Montessori School

Mortgage Banking Firm

Mortgage Company

Mosquito Abatement Business 


Motivation Speaking Business 

Motorboat Maintenance & Repair Service

Motorcycle Dealership and Racetrack

Multilevel Marketing

Mural Company

Mural Painting Business 

Murder Mystery Entertainment Dinner Business

Music Festival Promotion

Music Lessons Business

Music Store

Music Therapist 

Musical Instrument Repair Business 


Nanosystems Engineer

Natural Gas Home Filling Station Provider

Nature Photography Business

Network Game Centers



Ninja Warrior Gym 

Non-Medical Assistance

Nonemergency Medical Transport Service

Nonprofit Computer Learning Center 

Nonprofit Concession Stand Business

Nonprofit e-Commerce Business 

Nonprofit Family Counseling Service 

Nonprofit Firewood Stand Operator

Nonprofit Geriatric Counseling Business 

Nonprofit Grief Counseling Business 

Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit Pharmaceutical Research Center

Nonprofit Rural Daycare Center

Nonprofit Special Needs Driving School 

Nonprofit Vocational Program 

Nonprofit Youth Outreach Ministry

Novelty Shop



Office Furniture

Oil and Gas Manufacturing and Services Co.

Online Bird Products Retailer 

Online Consulting

Online Course Developer 

Online Customer Service Support

Online Dating/Matchmaking Service

Online Government Contract Service

Online Grocery Delivery Assistance Service

Online Hospitality Service

Online Job Service

Online Knitting Class 

Online Merchant

Online Mortgage Company

Online Nutrition Coach 

Online Outdoor Company

Online Party–Planning Company

Online Payment Services

Online Publishing System

Online Video Editor 

Online Wilderness Survival Training 

Online Woodworking Manufacturing & Retailing

Optometry Practice

Organic Cleaning Supplies

Organic Food Store

Organic Grower and Supplier

Organic Lawn Care Services

Outdoor Adventure Travel Company

Outdoor Equipment Rental Business

Outdoor Furniture Business 

Outdoor Guide 

Outdoor Sports Instruction Business 

Outplacement Services Provider 

Outsourced Call Center

Package Acceptance Service Business 

Package and Mailing Business

Packing Business 

Paid Search Strategist

Paint Distributor

Paint Party Business 

Paintball Sport Company

Paintball Store and Field

Painting Company

Painting Contractor 

Parts Manufacturer

Party Planning

Party Supply Store

Pasta Franchise

Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Pediatric Special Needs Advocate Business

Pediatric Speech Pathology Practice

Perfusionist Business 

Personal Chef Service

Personal Loan Company

Personal Money Management Educator

Personal Organizing Consultant

Personal Training Services for Women

Pest Control Service

Pet Aftercare Products, Services, and Gifts

Pet Boarding

Pet Business Marketing Firm

Pet Clothes Business

Pet Daycare and Boarding Services

Pet Grooming Service

Pet Photography 

Pet Psychologist

Pet Sanctuary 

Pet Services Coordination Business

Pet Sitting Service

Pet Waste Removal Business

Pharmaceutical Company

Phone Case Manufacturing Business 

Photo Booth Business 

Photo Framing

Photo Retouching Service

Photography Instruction Business 

Photography Studio

Physical Therapy Practice

Piano Instructor 

Piano Tuning, Repair & Restoration Service

Pickleball Instructor

Pipeline Fracture Testing Service

Pizza & Pasta Restaurant


Plant Nursery

Plaster Contractor Business

Plastic Drum Company

Plumbing Service

Plus–Sized Children's Clothing Store

Pool Opening/Closing Service

Powder Coating Manufacturer

Power Washing Business 

Power Washing/Gutter Cleaning Business

Precision Agriculture Consultant

Presentation Designer 

Presentation/Public Speaking Skills Trainer 

Pressure Washing Business

Print/Copy/Design Business 

Printing Company

Private Art Instructor Business 

Private Investigator

Private Transportation Service

Process Serving Business

Produce and Flower Market

Producer and Supplier of Plants and Flowers

Product Assembly Business

Product and Brand Promotion Service

Product Development Consultant 

Product Validation Engineer

Professional Estate Cleanout Service 

Professional Organizing Consultant

Professional Photographer 

Project Management Consultant


Property Cleanup Business 

Property Management Company 

Proposal Developer 

Public Relations Firm



Puppet Entertainment Business

Quality Assurance Consulting Services

Quilt Making Business

Racing Parts Store

Radio Station 

Real Estate Appraiser

Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Company