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How to Find Company Histories: Home

About Company Histories

A company history is an overview of how and why the organization was founded, the values that it was founded on, key events that shaped the company, and other notable events in the organization's past.

Why is a company history important?

It's an effective tool for building a lasting culture and guiding leadership, as it is a connection between the company and its customers that demonstrates a brand's humanity and trustworthiness.

What should a company history include?

A company history should include:

  • The reasons the company was founded, including its mission and values.
  • Brief profiles of the founders.
  • The company's biggest turning points to date.
  • Noteworthy inspirational, intriguing or just plain funny events during the journey.

Helpful Links

Find Company Histories Using Library Databases

Find Company Histories

  • Enter your company's name (not ticker symbol) in the search box and click Search
  • If your company report is found, click on the your company's name to open the report (the most useful reports will be from Hoover's Company Records)
  • Within the report, check the Table of Contents for pages on which you can find the company history


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Find Company Histories

  • Enter your company name or ticker symbol into the search box and choose your company from the Company Profiles
  • Under Company Overview, look for Company History under In-depth Articles


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Find Company Histories

  • Enter your company's name or ticker symbol and select the company from the drop down list
  • Hover over the Company Overview tab and select Company History


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