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HSJ115 Introduction to Human Services & Restorative Justice: Home

Your Assignment

  1. Identify a Human Services and Restorative Justice position that you are most likely to apply for upon graduation. You may select a position from the list provided by your instructor or another position of interest.
  2. Look for job advertisements online or elsewhere for the position you identified. Use at minimum 2 job sources. You may use any postings from the last two years. 
  3. Find three job postings for the type of job you have identified. Job titles may vary (i.e. a public health coordinator may also be called a community outreach specialist - pay more attention to getting similar job types than job titles.
  4. In your PowerPoint presentation, address the following:
  • What is the position you identified? (Provide all position names if varied across postings)
  • Description of the job - what would you be doing?
  • Why did you pick this job/career path?
  • Where did you find the position postings? (i.e. Indeed, Monster, etc.)
  • What are the educational/experience requirements for the position?
  • What skills are needed for this job?
  • Salary associated with job?
  • What could you do to further ready yourself to apply for a position such as this upon graduation?