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Medical Genetics: Books & Videos

Specialty branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and management of hereditary disorders.

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RA Pathology

  • RA645 .G64 Public health:  Genetic disorders
  • RA1224.3 Genetic toxicology

RB Pathology

  • RB155 Heredity. Medical Genetics​
    • RB155.5 Genetic disorders.  Human chromosome abnormalities
    • RB155.6 Diagnosis
    • RB155.65 Genetic screening
    • RB155.7 Genetic counseling
    • RB155.8 Gene therapy

RC Internal Medicine

  • RC268.4 Cancer:  Genetic aspects
  • RC346.4 Neurology.  Diseases of the nervous system:  Genetic aspects
  • RC455.4 Genetic aspects of mental illness
  • RC627.8 Inborn errors of metabolism

RD Surgery

  • RD87.3 .G45 Anesthesia in special medical conditions, emergencies, and the at-risk patient:  Genetic disorders

RE Ophthalmology

  • RE661 .G45 Diseases of the retina:  Genetic disorders

RG Gynecology & Obstetrics

  • RG580 .G45 Genetic disorders in pregnancy

RJ Pediatrics

  • RJ47.3 Pediatrics:  Genetic aspects

RM Therapeutics.  Pharmacology

  • RM301.3 .G45 Special factors in drug response:  Genetics.  Pharmacogenetics