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MGT325 Leadership: Find Articles

Best Bets

visual sample of keywords to search

Here are some of the many topic-related keywords and search terms you may consider as you search for information for your topic.  Try combining words and phrases to find specific, focused information on your selected topic.

  • collaborat* (retrieves collaboration, collaborate, collaborates, etc.)
  • entrepreneur* (retrieves entrepreneur, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, etc.)
  • innovat* (retrieves innovation, innovative, etc.)
  • leader* (retrieves leader, leaders, leadership, etc.)
  • manage* (retrieves manage, manager, management, etc.)
  • teamwork
  • "organizational change management"
  • "organizational effectiveness"
  • "strategic leadership"
  • "success in business"
  • "transformational leader*"
  • "work ethic"

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