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Nephrology: Books & Videos

Resources for the branch of medicine that deals with the kidneys.

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RA Public Aspects of Medicine

  • RA 645 .K5 Kidney diseases

RC Internal Medicine

  • RC280 .K5 Neoplasms
  • RC312.5 .K5 Tuberculosis
  • RC902-918 Kidney diseases
    • RC904 Examination.  Diagnosis
    • RC905 Albuminuria, glycosuria, peptonuria, etc.
    • RC907 Nephritis.  Bright's disease
    • RC912 Pyuria
    • RC915 Uremia
    • RC916 Urinary calculi
    • RC918 .A-Z Other diseases, A-Z

RD Surgery

  • RD575 Urological surgery (kidneys)

RG Gynecology and Obstetrics

  • RG580 .K5 Kidney diseases in pregnancy

RJ Pediatrics

  • RJ278 .K5 Kidney diseases in newborn infants
  • RJ476 .K5 Kidney diseases in pediatrics