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NUR461 Leadership & Management in Nursing: Nursing Theorists & Their Theories

Books & Videos

Search Tips

  • to find general books, search by keyword using nurs* theori* (asterisk*=nurse, nursing, nurses, theories, theorist, theorists)
  • to find books written by a specific theorist, search by author starting your search with au:last name, first name
  • to find books written about a specific theorist, search by subject starting your search with su:last name, first name
  • use Advanced Search to combine search categories, as well as limit by date, format, etc.
  • to search other libraries, select Libraries Worldwide from the drop-down box for location

For a list of nursing theorist DVDs and other biographical resources, see the Nurses page on the Biographies research guide.


The American Nurse: A History of Challenge and Compassion