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Tips and tricks for making the most of a Google search.

Search Google Scholar

Why Should I Use Google Scholar?

Why can't I only use a Google Search for articles? A Google Search will bring you everything on the web, which is sometimes unreliable information. Google Scholar will refine your search to:

  • Scholarly Articles
  • Case Law
  • Citation Information
  • U.S. Patents



To learn more about Google Scholar, visit these links:

How to access Madigan Library articles & more...

Many articles in Google Scholar are free. Others are provided freely from the Madigan Library resources. If you are on-campus, Google Scholar will indicate which articles the library pays for by displaying the Get it @ Madigan Library link. These links will redirect you to the Madigan Library catalog where you can access full text articles.





Because who wouldn't want to Stand on the Shoulders of Giants! Google says, "That phrase is our acknowledgement that much of scholarly research involves building on what others have already discovered. It's taken from Sir Isaac Newton's famous quote, 'If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.'"

How to Access Google Scholar Library Articles Off-campus