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Surgical Technology: Books & Videos

Resources for the allied health professionals working as a part of the team delivering surgical care.

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RD Surgery

  • RD1-31.7  General works
  • RD32-33.9  Operative surgery.  Technique of surgical operations
  • RD49-52  Surgical therapeutics.  Preoperative and postoperative care
  • RD57  Surgical pathology
  • RD58  Reparative processes after operations (Physiological)
  • RD59  Surgical shock.  Traumatic shock
  • RD63-76  Operating rooms and theaters.  Instruments, apparatus, and appliances
  • RD78.3-87.3  Anesthesiology
  • RD91-91.5  Asepsis and antisepsis.  Sterilization (Operative)
  • RD92-97.8  Emergency surgery.  Wounds and injuries
  • RD98-98.4  Surgical complications
  • RD99-99.35  Surgical nursing
  • RD101-104  Fractures (General)
  • RD118-120.5  Plastic surgery.  Reparative surgery
  • RD120.6-129.8  Transplantation of organs, tissues, etc.
  • RD130  Prosthesis.  Artificial organs
  • RD137-145  Surgery in childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, old age
  • RD151-498  Military and naval surgery
  • RD520-599.5  Surgery by region, system, or organ
  • RD651-678  Neoplasms.  Tumors.  Oncology
  • RD680-688  Diseases of the locomotor system (Surgical treatment)
  • RD701-811  Orthopedic surgery