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ACH112 Architectural History: Your Assignment

Madigan Library resources used for assignments in the Architectural History course

Your Assignment

You will be researching a noted architect of the twentieth century. You will be compiling information on:

  • Their background - where they were born, when did they work, what was their education, what events in history influenced them?
  • Their notable works
  • How is their design perspective reflected in their work?

You will be creating a PowerPoint about your architect based on the information you find.

Where to Start

5 W's bubbleYou know which architect has been assigned to you or you've picked, but what do you know about them?

The first thing you need to find out is the facts of their life. Books and encyclopedias are great resources for getting the basic, straight facts about your architect.

Go to the tab Find Biographies and then the Using Books About Architects  tab to see if we have any books about your architect in this library. If we don't, you can look up your architect in the books listed under Using Books in the Madigan Library tab to find biographical information.