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ACH112 Architectural History: Architecture Call Numbers

Madigan Library resources used for assignments in the Architectural History course

Browse Call Numbers Beginning With NA

The Library of Congress classification for architecture is NA. More specifically, NA is broken down as follows:

  • NA1-60 General
  • NA100-130 Architecture and the state
    • NA105 United States
    • NA106 General works
    • NA107 .A-W By state, A-W
    • NA108 .A-Z By city, A-Z
    • NA109 .A-Z Other regions or countries, A-Z
    • NA120-130 Examination and licensing of architects
  • NA190-1555.5 History, including historical monuments treated from the architectural point of view
    • NA210-340 Ancient architecture
    • NA350-499 Medieval architecture
    • NA500-682 Modern architecture
    • NA701-1614 Architecture of special countries
  • NA1995 Architecture as a profession
  • NA1996 Business management for architects
  • NA1997 Women architects
  • NA2000-2320 Study and teaching. Research
  • NA2335-2360 Competitions, including individual awards, prizes, etc.
  • NA2400-2460 Museums. Exhibitions
  • NA2500-2599 General works
    • NA2541-2543 Architecture in relation to special subjects (e.g., climate, environment, human factors, water, society, tecnology, children, etc.)
    • NA2545 Architecture and the handicapped
  • NA2599.5-2599.9 Architectural criticism
  • NA2695-2728 Architectural drawing
  • NA2750-2817 Architectural design
    • NA2765 Space
    • NA2770 Plan
    • NA2775 Elevation
    • NA2780 Rendering in color, pen and ink, etc.
    • NA2790 Models and modeling
    • NA2793 Remodeling buildings for other use
    • NA2794 Daylighting
    • NA2795 Color in architecture
    • NA2796 Mirrors in architecture
    • NA2797 Photogrammetry in architecture
    • NA2800 Architectural acoustics
  • NA2835-4050 Architectural details, motives, etc. (e.g, entrances, piers, columns, arches, domes, roofs, gables, towers, walls, ceilings, molding, friezes, floors, tiles, gateways, doors, windows, awnings, chimneys, stairs, balconies, etc.)
  • NA3310-4050 Architectural decoration (e.g., decorative plaster, concrete, brick, tiles, mosaic, metalwork, etc.)
  • NA4100-8480 Special classes of buildings
    • NA4100-4145 Classed by material (wood, masonry, etc.)
    • NA4150-4160 Classed by form
    • NA4170-8480 Classed by use
      • NA4170-7020 Public buildings
        • NA4590-5621 Religious architecture
      • NA7100-7884 Domestic architecture. Houses. Dwelling
      • NA7910-8125 Clubhouses, guild houses, etc
      • NA8200-8260 Farm architecture
      • NA8300-8480 Outbuildings, gates, fences, etc.
  • NA9000-9428 Aesthetics of cities. City planning and beautifying

Browse Other Relevant Call Numbers

D-E History

  • DG97 Roman antiquities (dwellings, baths, etc., including amphoras and utilitarian ceramics, bricks, tiles, etc.)
  • DT62-63 Egypt, including baths, mirrors, Sphinxes, temples, tombs, pyramids, etc.
  • E-F Primitive American architecture
  • E59 .C55 Pre-Columbian America.  The Indians.  City planning

GV Recreation.  Leisure

  • GV405 Gymnasiums
  • GV413 Athletic fields.  Playing fields (includes sports arenas, coliseums, stadiums, spectator stands, etc.)
  • GV425-426 Playgrounds.  Play spaces (includes climbing structures, mystery boxes, sculpture, etc.)
  • GV770.7 Water sports facilities
  • GV841.2 Winter sports facilities
  • GV850.7 Ice rinks
  • GV907 Bowling alleys

H Social Sciences

  • HD7285-7630 Housing (includes apartments, shared housing, rural housing, vacation homes, industrial housing, mobile homes, model communities, etc.)
  • HD9715.5 Economic aspects of prefabricated buildings
  • HE353-368 Traffic engineering
  • HT165.5-395 City planning (works dealing predominantly with the social, economic, and political factors involved in city planning)
    • HT170-178 Urban renewal.  Urban redevelopment
  • HT435-443 Rural renewal
  • HV8805-8829 Systems of prison construction.  Architecture, etc.

K Law

  • K1476 Copyright of architectural drawings and designs
  • K4372 Occupational law for architects
  • KF2925 Occupational law for architects (United States)
  • KFC547 .A7-.A73 Occupational law for architects (California)

L Education

  • LB3201-3325 School architecture and equipment.  School physical facilities.  Campus planning
    • LB3221-3222 Architecture, and school building plans.  Specifications.  Joint occupancy of buildings.  Multiple use of buildings.  High-rise school buildings
    • LB3225 Teachers' dwellings
    • LB3226-3229 Dormitories.  Residence halls.  Student housing
    • LB3241-3250 Acoustics.  Heating.  Lighting.  Ventilation.  Air conditioning
    • LB3251 School grounds.  School playgrounds
    • LB3325 .A-Z Special, A-Z (e.g., art rooms, auditoriums, classrooms, nursery schools, offices, etc.)

N Fine Arts

  • N72 .A75 Artist-architect collaboration
  • N512-880 Art museums, galleries, etc. in the United States (by state)
  • N908-3990 Art museums, galleries, etc. elsewhere (by country, then city)
  • N8010-8205 Symbolism of church art
  • N8217 .B85 Builldings and architecture in art
  • NB133.5 .S46 Greek and Roman reliefs.  Sepulchral monuments
  • NB143 Greek and Roman reliefs.  Sepulchral monuments.  Bronzes
  • NB1137 Sculpture and architecture (relation to other arts)
  • NB1330-1685 Sculptured monuments
  • NB1750-1753 Religious monuments
  • NB1790-1793 Shrines
  • NB1800-1846 Sepulchral monuments
  • NB1850-1880 Stone monuments, tablets, etc.
  • NB1895 Wells
  • NC730-930 Drawing, design, and illustration technique
    • NC790-815 Landscapes
    • NC825 .B8 Buildings
    • NC825 .C5 Churches
    • NC825 .I45 Interior decoration
    • NC825 .I5 Interiors
  • ND1410-1412 Special subjects of painting.  Architectural
  • NK1700-2195 Interior decoration.  House decoration
    • NK2120 Friezes, moldings, etc.
    • NK2190-2192 Church decoration
    • NK2195 .A-Z Decoration of other special buildings, A-Z (e.g., banks, hotels, restaurants, etc.)
  • NK2702 Architect-designed furniture
  • NK5300-5430 Stained glass.  Glass painting
  • NK6400-8459 Metalwork
  • NK8475 .B8 Miniature buildings
  • NK9600-9955 Woodwork

R Medicine

  • RA607 Public comfort stations
  • RA967 Health facilities.  Hospital buildings.  Architectural planning and construction
  • RC439 Psychiatry hospitals, clinics, etc.

S Agriculture

  • S770-790 Agricultural structures.  Farm buildings
  • SB416 Greenhouse construction, including design, environmental engineering, etc.
  • SB472.7 Urban landscape architecture
  • SB481-485 Parks and public reservations
  • SF310 Riding clubs and schools

T Technology

  • T351-385 Mechanical drawing.  Drawing instruments and materials.  Computer graphics
  • TA180-183 Engineering specifications.  Estimates, quantities, and costs
  • TD160-168 Planning and laying out cities
  • TE279.5-295 Pedestrian facilities.  Sidewalks.  Footpaths.  Flagging
  • TF300-302 Railway construction.  Passenger depots, stations, and terminals
  • TH385 Building layout
  • TH420 Building standards
  • TH425 Bilding specifications
  • TH431 Building drawings, including how to read plans
  • TH845-895 Architectural engineering.  Structural engineering of buildings
  • TH1000-1727 Systems of building construction (e.g., fireproofing, earthquakes, masonry, glass, architectural metalwork, etc.)
  • TH2025-3000 Details in building design and construction (e.g., structural drawings, arches, walls, windows, doors, roofs, flooring, etc.)
  • TH3301-3411Maintenance and repair of buildings
  • TH4021-4977 Buildings:  Construction with reference to use (e.g., churches, docks, factories, houses, barns, decks, etc.)
  • TH6031 Sanitary engineering of buildings.  Design of systems
  • TH9701-9745 Protection from burglary, sabotage, etc.  Security in buildings
    • TH9734 Safes and vaults

U Military Science

  • UG400-442 Fortification
  • UG460 Military architecture and building

Z Library Science

  • Z675 Classes of libraries (e.g., art, church, fishery, high school, medical, prison, university, etc.)
  • Z679-680 Library buildings.  Library architecture, including design, construction, etc.