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ACR251 Warm-Air Heating & Duct Design: Find Books & Videos

Why use books?


In today's online world, do books still have a part to play? Absolutely!
Books can provide you with reliable information you can count on and include in your works cited/reference page. They often provide:

  • Background information
  • In-depth coverage of topic
  • Chapters that can break a topic down into smaller, more easily understood pieces
  • Pointers to more information on the same topic

Find Books & Videos Using...

Search Tips

  • combine keywords using AND or OR for more precise results
  • use "quotation marks" to search for phrases
  • to search by title, start your search with ti:
  • to search by author, start your search with au:last name, first name
  • to search by ISBN, start your search with isbn:
  • use Advanced Search to combine search categories, as well as limit by date, format, etc.
  • to search other libraries, select Libraries Worldwide from the drop-down box

The Library of Congress classification for HVAC is TH. More specifically, TH is broken down as follows:

  • TH7005-7699 Heating and ventilation.  Air conditioning
  • TH7010-7015 General works
  • TH7121-7145 Heating engineering. Industrial heating
  • TH7201-7699 Heating of buildings, including domestic heating, and works which discuss special aspects of both heating and ventilation of buildings
    • TH7221-7227 General works
    • TH7325-7337 Specifications.  Drawings.  Estimates.  Measurements.  Quantities and costs.
    • TH7391 .A-Z Special rooms
    • TH7392 .A-Z Special classes of buildings (apartment houses, chemical plants, churches, garages, machine shops, office buildings, prisons, schools, theaters, etc.)
    • TH7395 .A-Z Special installations
    • TH7400-7417.5 Heating by special fuels or forms of energy (coal, oil, gas, electric, solar, geothermal)
    • TH7418-7458 Local heating (radiative, open fires, convective heating, stoves, etc.)
    • TH7461-7643 Central heating (regulators, thermostats, hydronic systems, warm-air heating and fixtures, etc.)
    • TH7647-7699 Ventilation of buildings (natural ventilation, air conditioning, dust removal, etc.)

H Social Sciences

  • HD7285-7630 Housing (includes apartments, shared housing, rural housing, vacation homes, industrial housing, mobile homes, model communities, etc.)
  • HD9715.5 Economic aspects of prefabricated buildings

K Law (as it pertains to the Building and Construction Industry)

  • K891 .B8 Contracts
  • K1803 .B8 Hours of labor
  • K1835 .B8 Safety regulations
  • K2405 .B84 Arbitration and award
  • K4372-4373 Occupational law
  • KF865 Government contracts
  • KF901-902 Contracts
  • KF1950 Regulations for building contractors
  • KF3409 .C65 Collective labor agreements
  • KF3450 .C65-.C651 Collective labor disputes (construction industry)
  • KF3452 .C6 Collective labor disputes (construction workers)
  • KF3505 .C65 Wages.  Minimum wage
  • KF3574 .C65 Labor hygiene and safety
  • KF3580 .C6 Labor law
  • KF3825.5 Construction of health facilities and hospitals
  • KF5701-5710 Building laws (by type of building and by type of installation)
  • KF6495 .C6 Income tax
  • KFC224.3 Government contracts (California)
  • KFC230 .B8 Contracts (California)
  • KFC424 Regulation (building contractors) (California)
  • KFC586 .B8 Labor hygiene and safety (California)
  • KFC813-819 Building laws (California)
  • KFN5230 .B8 Contracts (New York)
  • KFN5224.3 Government contracts (New York)
  • KFN5424 Regulation (building contractors) (New York)
  • KFN5562 .C6 Collective labor agreements (New York)
  • KFN5594 .C6 Workers' compensation (New York)
  • KFX2030 Regulation (New York City)
  • KFA-KFZ275 Regulation
  • KFA-KFZ336 .C6 Labor hygiene and safety
  • KFA-KFZ459 .P7 Prefabricated buildings:  building laws

L Education

  • LB3201-3325 School architecture and equipment.  School physical facilities.  Campus planning
    • LB3221-3222 Architecture, and school building plans.  Specifications.  Joint occupancy of buildings.  Multiple use of buildings.  High-rise school buildings
    • LB3225 Teachers' dwellings
    • LB3226-3229 Dormitories.  Residence halls.  Student housing
    • LB3241-3250 Acoustics.  Heating.  Lighting.  Ventilation.  Air conditioning
    • LB3325 .A-Z Special, A-Z (e.g., art rooms, auditoriums, classrooms, nursery schools, offices, etc.)

N Fine Arts

  • N512-880 Art museums, galleries, etc. in the United States (by state)
  • N908-3990 Art museums, galleries, etc. elsewhere (by country, then city)

R Medicine

  • RA607 Public comfort stations
  • RA967 Health facilities.  Hospital buildings.  Architectural planning and construction
  • RA969.33 Plumbing in hospitals and health facilities
  • RC439 Psychiatry hospitals, clinics, etc.

S Agriculture

  • S770-790 Agricultural structures.  Farm buildings
  • SB416 Greenhouse construction, including design, environmental engineering, etc.
  • SB481-485 Parks and public reservations
  • SF310 Riding clubs and schools

T Technology

  • T351-385 Mechanical drawing.  Drawing instruments and materials.  Computer graphics
  • TA180-183 Engineering specifications.  Estimates, quantities, and costs
  • TJ163.26-163.5 Energy conservation
  • TJ793.2 Internal combustion engines for construction equipment
  • TJ809812.8 Solar energy
  • TJ899-927 Pumps and pumping engines
  • TK4661 Electric furnaces
  • TN677 Metallurgical furnaces
  • TP490-497 Refrigeration
  • TP1185 .P5 Plastic pipes
  • TS186 Factory buildings.  Industrial buildings
  • TS231 Cupola furnaces
  • TS425 Manufacture of stoves and ranges
  • TX657 .O Ovens
  • TX657 .S Stoves and ranges

U Military Science

  • UG400-442 Fortification
  • UG460 Military architecture and building

Z Library Science

  • Z675 Classes of libraries (e.g., art, church, fishery, high school, medical, prison, university, etc.)
  • 679-680 Library buildings.  Library architecture, including design, construction, etc.