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MKT325 Consumer Behavior: Keywords

Keyword & Synonym Finder

As you read, be alert to words and phrases that describe your topic.

  • Browse the table of contents, scan chapters, consider suggested words, phrases, and various aspects of your topic.
  • Search Gale eBooks (below) for an outline and breakdown of concepts, and the vocabulary used to describe these.
  • Search a thesaurus like the one below for more related terms.

Why Keywords Are Important

They represent main ideas and concepts in a research topic.

Types of Keywords

Marketing > Broader

Target market > Narrower

Digital target marketing > Related

Market segmentation > Similar

Keywords for Consumer Behavior Research

image keyword word cloudCreate a list of keywords to help design your search strategies.  Think about main ideas, words, and phrases, and related variations.
Here are some jumpstart keywords and phrases:

  • consumer behavior
  • consumer attitudes
  • consumer perceptions
  • consumer culture
  • consumer motivation
  • consumer purchase decisions
  • consumer buying decision-making
  • consumer consumption
  • consumerism
  • events, rituals, holidays, customs, traditions
  • consumer surveys
  • consumption subculture

â–ºThink about other keywords and phrases related to your specific focus of the topic.