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MKT325 Consumer Behavior: Home

Course Project/Library Research Session Assignment

MKT325 Final Group Project: Exploring Consumer Perceptions

MKT325 Library Research Session: 
Your primary task is to research, analyze and describe the consumption perceptions for an item/topic that will be or has been trending,

Association For Consumer Research


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 This is the research guide for your MKT325 course.  Use this guide to direct your research for your assignments. Use the guide tabs above to help locate reference sources, books, articles, and other related information for your topic, as well as to evaluate information and cite your sources.

Your Learning Outcomes
By the end of this session you will

  • gain an understanding of the kinds of information and the strategies needed for this course/discipline
  • find, evaluate, and use information that is relevant to your topic/assignment
  • be able to transfer and apply learned skills to the workplace
  • learn the research process to use at school, at work, in life
  • know how/where to get further research help

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