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Chemistry: Find Books and Videos

This research guide contains resources used to find information on chemistry-related topics.

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Call Numbers

The Library of Congress classification for chemistry is QD. More specifically, QD is broken down as follows:

  • QD1-999 Chemistry
  • QD1-65 General Including alchemy
  • QD71-142 Analytical chemistry
  • QD146-197 Inorganic chemistry
  • QD241-441 Organic chemistry
  • QD415-436 Biochemistry
  • QD450-801 Physical and theoretical chemistry
  • QD625-655 Radiation chemistry
  • QD701-731 Photochemistry
  • QD901-999 Crystallography

 Browsing in any of these areas may lead to the discovery of valuable material in addition to the specific items listed in this guide.

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