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Crime & Deviance: Find Books and Videos

This research guide contains resources used to find information on crime and deviance-related topics.

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Using Google Books, you can search inside every page of the books in their database. You can then use the Find in a Library link to find out if we have the book you need in the Madigan Library.

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The Library of Congress classification for crime and deviance is HV.  More specifically, HV is broken down as follows:

  • HM811-821 Deviant behavior.  Social deviance
  • HV1-9960 Social pathology.  Social and public welfare.  Criminology
  • HV6201-6249 Criminal classes
  • HV6250-6250.4 Victims of crime.  Victimology
  • HV6251-6773.55 Crimes and offense
  • HV6774-7220.5 Crimes and criminal classes
  • HV7231-9960 Criminal justice administration
  • HV7428 Social work with delinquents and criminals
  • HV7431 Prevention of crime, methods, etc.
  • HV7435-7439 Gun control
  • HV7551-8280.7 Police.  Detectives.  Constabulary
  • HV8035-8069 Special classes of crimes, offenses and criminals
  • HV8079.2-8079.35 Police social work
  • HV8301-9920.7 Penology.  Prisons.  Corrections
  • HV9051-9230.7 The juvenile offender.  Juvenile delinquency.  Reform schools, etc.
  • HV9261-9430.7 Reformation and reclamation of adult prisoners

Browsing in any of these areas may lead to the discovery of valuable material in addition to the specific items listed in this guide.

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