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Creating Effective Research Assignments for Your Students: Purpose

Help your students have a meaningful and positive library research experience.

Critical Thinking

Bloom's Taxonomy:

Bloom's Taxonomy Wheel

Effective research assignments will promote critical thinking

An Effective Research Assignment...

Purpose of course-related research assignments

An effective research assignment...

  • Has a specific, understood purpose
  • Relates to some aspect of course subject matter or learning objectives
  • Leads to increased understanding of a subject or the process of locating information related to a subject
  • Promotes critical thinking
  • Makes students aware of the variety of information sources and formats available (e.g., print, electronic, microform, video)
  • Teaches students to select and evaluate quality information sources appropriate to their topics
  • Reinforces habits of ethical scholarship

    Adapted with permission: "Librarians at the University of Maryland were the authors & inspiration for the material."