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Endocrinology: Books & Videos

Resources for the branch of medicine dealing with the endocrine system, its diseases, and its specific secretions known as hormones.

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RC  Internal Medicine

  • RC268.2  Cancer and other malignant neoplasms:  Endocrine aspects
  • RC280 .E55  Cancer and other malignant neoplasms:  Endocrine glands
  • RC455.4 .E54  Endocrine aspects of mental illness
  • ​​RC648-665  Diseases of the endocrine glands.  Clinical endocrinology

RD  Surgery

  • RD82.7 .E53  Anesthesia:  Accidents and complications:  Endocrine complications
  • RD599  Surgery by region, system, or organ:  Endocrine glands
    • RD599.5 .A37  Adrenal glands
    • RD599.5 .I84  Islands of Langerhans
    • RD599.5 .P37  Parathyroid gland
    • RD599.5 .P58  Pituitary gland
    • RD599.5 .T46  Thyroid gland
  • RD653  Neoplasms.  Tumors.  Oncology:  Endocrine glands
  • RD887.3 .E53  Anesthesia in special medical conditions, emergencies, and the at-risk patient:  Endocrine diseases

RG  Gynecology and Obstetrics

  • RG159  Endocrine gynecology
    • RG161-163  Menstrual disorders
      • RG165  Premenstrual syndrome
      • RG171  Amenorrhea
      • RG176  Menorrhagia
      • RG181  Dysmenorrhea
      • RG186  Menopause
        • RG188  Perimenopause
      • RG190  Leucorrhea
  • RG558.5  Endocrinology of pregnancy
  • RG580 .E53  Endocrine diseases in pregnancy
  • RG616  Physiology of the fetus:  Endocrinology

RJ  Pediatrics

  • RJ418  Diseases of the endocrine system.  Pediatric endocrinology.  Pediatric neuroendocrinology
    • RJ420 .A27  Adrenal gland diseases
    • RJ420 .A3  Adrenogenital syndrome
    • RJ420 .D5  Diabetes
    • RJ420 .G65  Goiter
    • RJ420 .H88  Hypothalamo-hypophyseal system diseases
    • RJ420 .H9  Hypothyroidism
    • RJ420 .P58  Pituitary dwarfism
    • RJ420 .P73  Precocious puberty

RM  Therapeutics.  Pharmacology

  • RM283-297  Endocrinotherapy (includes drugs of endocrine origin, such as glucocorticoids, insulin, and testoserone)

RX  Homeopathy

  • RX305  Diseases of the blood, lymphatics, and endocrine glands

RZ  Other Systems of Medicine

  • RZ358  Osteopathy:  Diseases of the endocrine glands