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FHD327 Customer Service & Retail Baking Operations: Home


""Use the tabs above to navigate the guide and locate reference sources, books, articles and other information
for your topic.  Use this research guide as a directive to develop your research process.  You will  

  • gain an understanding of the kind of information needed for this course/discipline     
  • find information relevant to your topic and current with industry trends
  • use information that is authoritative and appropriate to your topic                                                             
  • be able to transfer these skills to apply in the workplace
  • know where/how to get research help
  • understand the ethical and legal use of information

This guide will help you find resources for your project. You will research, analyze, and evaluate articles for class lecture topics. The articles must be relevant and current with industry trends. You will then develop a new product with packaging, all in line with industry trends.

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Bread Bakers' Guild

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