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WEL301 Industrial Processes: Home: Research Assignments

Research guide for group research papers, group presentations, and an individual research paper completed in the course. Help includes citations, keyword help, and finding various resources in library materials.

Required Assignments

Four formal writing assignments and presentations will be required as part of your evaluation in this course.

Before you start your research, it's always a good practice to define your key terms. Use the following worksheet to help.

Research Papers and Presentations

Students will be assigned in groups. Each group will be required to:

  • Make 3 in class presentations
  • Write group papers
  • Each paper will be on the same subject
    • Approval must be given on subject 1 week before each presentation/paper are due through email or in class

Paper #4 is an individual paper using the same criteria as the group papers. Cover a topic that was not covered in your group, or perform more in-depth research on one of those topics.

Minimum components for research: