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Anti-Oppression: Religious Oppression

This guide is meant to provide users with a familiarity of many different types of oppression and how to work toward a better world by combatting oppression.

It is a travesty of true religion to consider one's own religion as superior and other's as inferior. Mahatma Gandhi

Religious oppression in America has existed as long as the country itself. In fact, one of the reasons many people first traveled to this country was to experience the religious tolerance and freedom that was supposed to exist here. Despite the claim of religious freedom, members of different denominations, religions, and nonbelievers have always clashed and many continue to do so today. While any believer or nonbeliever can be persecuted, it is widely accepted that Christian hegemony is the dominating religious force in America today, so generally religious oppression refers to intolerance toward nonbelievers and members of minority religions such as Judaism, Islam, Mormonism, or Wicca.

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