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Information Resources for Business Law


This guide contains links to databases containing articles, scholarly online resources, and information about print and electronic materials in the Madigan Library that can be helpful to your research.

If you have questions, contact me using the information on the right-hand side of this guide.  If I'm not available, try using our Ask a Librarian service.

Thomson Reuter's Westlaw Tip for Copying Citation

When you are in a document, highlight the text, then right click your mouse.  That will open up a menu with the option to copy with reference.  You click on that, and you will get a message that the text was copied.  Then you just go into a word processing document, and do a paste.  Then the text you copied along with the citation will be pasted in the word processing document at the bottom of the page.

Note:  This is not in APA or MLA format, it is in "Standard" you will need to put it in the format you are using. "Standard" according to Westlaw is a type of general formatting that is designed to provide enough information to work as a citation if someone needed it, but for exact style, refer to the appropriate citation manual.

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