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MGT301 Business Law I: Statutes

Information Resources for Business Law

What is a statute?

A statute is a formal written enactment of a legislative authority that governs a state, city, or county. Typically, statutes command or prohibit something, or declare policy. The word is often used to distinguish law made by legislative bodies from case law, decided by courts, and regulations issued by government agencies. Statutes are sometimes referred to as legislation or "black letter law". As a source of law, statutes are considered primary authority (as opposed to secondary).

U.S. Code on the Web

Pennsylvania State--Purdon's on the Web

Pennsylvania State--Purdon's in Print

United States Code

  • Select the "Fastcase" database
  • Click on the tab labeled "Browse Libraries"
  • Click on "All Federal"
  • Select "United States Code Annotated" from "Statutes and Legislative Codes" under "Legislative Materials"
  • Select the USC edition year of your choice
  • Select the Title
  • Note: If you'd rather search, please note that you'll be searching for than just codes; you'll need to filter to get the narrowest results.

Pennsylvania State--Purdon's via Library Databases

  • Click on the tab labeled "Browse Libraries" and "Pick a Jurisdiction".
  • Click on "Pennsylvania" from the list of states
  • Under "Legislative Materials" click on "Statutes Legislative Codes"
  • Both Consolidated and Unconsolidated Statutes are available. 

Pending Legislation

Find pending federal legislation by searching the Library of Congress database Thomas. Select appropriate link from "Bill Searches and Lists" or "Bill Texts."



County, City Codes and Ordinances

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