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ACC341 Intermediate Accounting I: Industry/Company/Demographics

NAICS Search

Company Information Resources

Search for Company Information

  • Under the BROWSE RESEARCH tab, Enter the ticker, company, or industry name and click on the suggested name that populates
  • Click on PDF Reports and select a date to view a detailed report

Search for Company Information

  • Enter your company's name or ticker symbol and select the company from the drop down list
  • Browse the information under the Company Overview tab
  • Hover over the Company Overview tab and select
    • Company Description
    • Company History
    • Product and Operation

Search for Company Information

  • Enter your company name or ticker symbol or industry into the search box and choose either your company from the Company Profiles or your industry from the Industry Profiles drop-down menu
  • Browse through the Company Profile to view the Company History or Industry Profile to learn more

Search for Company Information

  • Enter your company's name (not ticker symbol) in the search box and click Search
  • If your company report is found, click on the your company's name to open the report

Note: the most useful reports will be from Hoover's Company Records

To locate industry and company information:

  • Click into the database
  • Scroll down the homepage to the Company Overviews and Industry Overviews boxes
  • Find your company or industry and view the information listed there.

Evaluate the Company (company comparisons and ratios included)

Find Ratios

  • Enter your company's name or ticker symbol and select it from the list of suggested companies
  • Scroll down to Key Stats: Use Growth, Operating and Efficiency, Financial HealthCash Flow, and Income Statement charts for the ratio information

Find the Key Ratios

  • Enter your company's name or ticker symbol and select the company from the drop down list
  • Under the Financial Details tab, click on the Ratios tab to view the Key Ratios

Find Ratios

  • Enter your company's ticker symbol and choose it from the suggested companies
  • Along the left-hand side menu, click on Financial Overview under the Financial heading

Note:  It appears that only the last year is available.

Find Ratios

  • Type in your company name or ticker symbol into the search box and choose your company from the Company Profiles' drop-down menu
  • From your company profile, scroll down and click on All Ratios in the Ratios box
  • From there, scroll down to view the Key MetricsGrowth, Profitability, EfficiencyFinancial Strength, Income Statement, and Cash Flow ratios 

Compare your company to the industry as well as it's competitors using the resources on this page within this guide:

Journal, magazine, and newspaper articles are a great source of information on industries.  They are current and contain news on specific companies as well as industries as a whole.  Included on this page are a list of recommended databases you can use to find these types of articles.  Use the following page within this guide to find these articles:

Industry/Company/Demographics Information

Company websites and annual reports

Yet another source of company information is a company's own website.  There you may find all kinds of company information such as history, locations, products and services, executives and staffing, including links to annual reports, 10-K reports, market reports, research and development, etc..  Information from private companies, especially small private companies may be difficult to find since they are not required to disclose detailed financial information. Look for the Annual Report to Shareholders on the company web site which will provide basic financials and forecast future directions for the company.