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ACC341 Intermediate Accounting I: Evaluate the Company

Performance Ratios

Evaluate the company using the performance ratios you discussed in class.  You may need to look at several years or quarters of financial data.  Compare your company to the industry/segment and competition.

As defined by RMA's Credit and Lending Dictionary, ratios are a:

"mathematical relationship between two or more things, used as indication of a company's financial strength relative to other companies of comparable size or in same industry"  (pg. 1702 of the 2014/2015 Annual Statement Studies)

Evaluate the Company Using...

Find Ratios

  • Enter your company's name or ticker symbol and select it from the list of suggested companies
  • Click on Valuation  to get price ratios
  • Click on Key Ratios to get profitability, growth, cash flow, financial health, and efficiency ratios

Find Ratios

  • Enter your company's ticker symbol and choose it from the suggested companies
  • Along the left-hand side menu, click on Financial Overview under the Financial heading

Note:  It appears that only the last year is available.

Compare your company to the industry as well as it's competitors using the resources on this page within this guide:

Journal, magazine, and newspaper articles are a great source of information on industries.  They are current and contain news on specific companies as well as industries as a whole.  Included on this page are a list of recommended databases you can use to find these types of articles.  Use the following page within this guide to find these articles: