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CET495-496: Civil Engineering Capstone: Locale Information

Social, Economical, Cultural, and Historical Impacts

Use this page to gather data, statistics, and historical data which leads to commentary on the social, economical, cultural, and historical impacts of your project/assignment. What can you conclude about the society surrounding your project and the impact this project would have on its community?

PA History in Data Resources

Gather data about a population using statistics and quick facts gathered from these sources to deduce economic impacts as well as social.

PA History Social Impacts

Explore Pennsylvania through land and water use and history through these resources. A helpful tip: For a Google Search, use terms such as "NAME OF CITY OR COUNTY" AND "historical society," for example.

Lycoming County Resources

Madigan Library holds various maps and historical information about Lycoming County alone. Use the catalog to find these items and contact your librarian for special permission use if needed.

Search the library catalog

The Library of Congress classification for civil engineering and surveying is TA.  More specifically, TA is broken down as follows:

  • TA1-2040 Engineering (General). Civil engineering. (General)
  • TA164 Bioengineering
  • TA165 Engineering instruments, meters, etc. Industrial instrumentation
  • TA166-167 Human engineering
  • TA168 Systems engineering
  • TA170-171 Environmental engineering
  • TA174 Engineering design
  • TA177.4-185 Engineering economy
  • TA190-194 Management of engineering works
  • TA197-198 Engineering meteorology
  • TA213-215 Engineering machinery, tools, and implements
  • TA329-348 Engineering mathematics. Engineering analysis
  • TA349-359 Mechanics of engineering. Applied mechanics
  • TA365-367 Acoustics in engineering. Acoustical engineering
  • TA401-492 Materials of engineering and construction. Mechanics of materials
  • TA495 Disasters and engineering
  • TA501-625 Surveying
  • TA630-695 Structural engineering (General)
  • TA703-712 Engineering geology. Rock mechanics. Soil mechanics. Underground construction
  • TA715-787 Earthwork. Foundations
  • TA800-820 Tunneling. Tunnels
  • TA1001-1280 Transportation engineering
  • TA1501-1820 Applied optics. Photonics
  • TA2001-2040 Plasma engineering. Applied plasma dynamics

Browsing in any of these areas may lead to the discovery of valuable material in addition to the specific items listed in this guide.

T Technology

  • TC Hydraulic engineering
  • TD Environmental technology.  Sanitary engineering
  • TE Highway engineering.  Roads and pavements
  • TF Railroad engineering and operation
  • TG Bridge engineering
  • TH Building construction (see the Building and Construction Call Number Guide for more detailed ranges)