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Health & Medicine Database Search Tips: Choosing a Research Topic

Tips on searching some of our health and medicine databases, including how to narrow your topic, find the exact article, and request articles we don't have access to.


In the Books tab in AccessPhysiotherapy, you will find some of the leading current, authoritative text resources. Textbooks, chapters, and chapter sections are durable URL-enabled and can be linked to in coursework, e.g., LMS, lecture slides, etc. Check out the library at these links:

Complete Full-Text Library

With leading texts organized into broad categories.

Archived Textbooks

Access previous editions of texts retired from the main site.

Master All Aspects of PT Documentation With:
APTA Standards and Guidelines, Medicare, Home Health, Electronic Record Keeping, ICF Model and Application, Pediatrics, Legal Issues, Utilization Review & Management, SNF: RUGS and MDS,Sample Documentation Content, Initial Examination and Evaluation Criteria, Continuum of Care Content and Goal Writing Exercises, Documentation Aspects of Supervising PTAs, Abbreviations, Reimbursement, ICD9 and CPT Codes and Application, Chapter Review Questions, Content Principles.

Each chapter follows a similar design, with consistent headings, brief bulleted text, and numerous high-quality illustrations. Learning aids include case studies, chapter objectives, assessment guidelines, chapter references, chapter summaries, and new NPTE-style review questions at the end of each chapter. This innovative format allows you to see actual examples via high-quality color photographs and learn foundational concepts through text. The case studies also give real-world relevance to the principles discussed. 

The book’s 20 chapters are logically divided into four sections:

  • Integumentary Basics which covers fundamental topics such as anatomy and physiology of the integumentary system and acute and chronic wound healing
  • Wound Diagnosis which discusses specific disorders such as vascular wounds, lymphedema, pressure ulcers, diabetes, burns, and more
  • Wound Bed Preparation which details debridement and dressings
  • Biophysical Technologies which includes electrical stimulation, negative pressure, pulsed lavage with suction, hyperbaric oxygen, ultraviolet, and low level laser therapy

AccessPhysiotherapy features a variety of content concerning diversity in medicine, education, and practice. As part of McGraw Hill's commitment to inclusion and diversity in our content, the resources here represent what is currently available on AccessPhysiotherapy, which is a dynamic site featuring regular updates, concerning diversity in medicine. Resources from AccessPhysiotherapy highlighted on this page include textbooks, chapters, and cases, including:

You can read more about McGraw Hill's commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Tips for Choosing a Topic

  • See what's new: Check out our panels on the AccessPhysiotherapy homepage to discover recently added and updated resources, to watch a procedure, or find review materials to prepare for exams.
  • Browse our video collectionA unique collection of anesthesiology procedural videos and animations designed to guide students, residents, faculty, and practicing physicians through basic and advanced skills.
  • Use the related links to explore further: Links to related AccessPhysiotherapy content appear throughout all content types in the site. A related content section appears in many of the texts' right sidebar with links to relevant media and other content.
  • Link to external content: Get additional sources from AccessPhysiotherapy. Use the references in our resources to find relevant research papers, books, and organizational websites.