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Health & Medicine Database Search Tips: AccessPhysiotherapy

Tips on searching some of our health and medicine databases, including how to narrow your topic, find the exact article, and request articles we don't have access to.


MyAccess Profile

To engage with AccessPhysiotherapy and its content and resources, users need to create a free MyAccess profile (upper-right sign in dropdown menu) in AccessPhysiotherapy. Users are encouraged to login each time they use the site.

AccessPhysiotherapy Overview is a free platform annotation tool in AccessPhysiotherapy.

Mobile App


McGraw-Hill's Access databases are optimized for mobile use.  If you prefer to use AccessPhysiotherapy through an app, you can do so by downloading the app through the App Store or Google Play.  Before you can use the app, you will need to access this resource through a link on the library's website, create a personal account, then use that account information to login using the app on your device.  Access on the app is valid for 90 days after which time you will need to reconnect to our institution's subscription.



The search feature in AccessPhysiotherapy is simple and easy to use. You can learn more about the search feature at this link.


  • In AccessPhysiotherapy, you can search for resources across all content types
  • Auto-suggest appears as you type (can be disabled)
  • You can "phrase search" using quotations
  • Get the same search results by combining terms together or by using AND
    • e.g., gait biomechanics = gait AND biomechanics

Search Builder:

To the left of your search results, search builder allows you to:

  • Focus the search by modifying your terms (keyword, title, author, ISBN)
  • Filter results by format (chapter, tables, cases, images, multimedia, etc.)
  • Select textbooks to see results by specific titles 
  • Narrow results by topics

Federated Search:

A federated search expands your results from AccessPhysiotherapy to include results from other McGraw Hill Access Medical sites. 

  • Use the dropdown menu to the left of the search bar to select federated search
  • Search builder elements above apply
  • Green dot indicates the item is available in your subscription