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MET315 Engineering Economics (Neuhard): Pg. 6 Financial Concerns

Prof. Scott Neuhard

Financial Impacts

Page 6:  Financial performance of the company: Are there any major positive or negative financial concerns about the company?  Discuss how your company is doing relative to its sector and competition.


  • Use your company's 10-K forms and annual reports for this information
  • Look on the company's Website under "Information for Investors," "Publications," or use the "Site Map" link
  • If you can find it in text or PDF format, do a search within the document (Ctrl + F will bring up your "find" tool) for words/phrases such as "positive," "negative," "growth," and "risk factors"

Financial Impact Resources

Find 10-K Forms

  • Enter a company name or ticker symbol and click Search
  • Select from the filings displayed the one you wish to view

Find 10-K Forms

  • Click on Search for Company Filings, then choose a link from the list provided as to how you wish to search

Find 10-K Forms

  • Enter your company's name or ticker symbol and select the company from the drop down list
  • Under the Company Details tab, select SEC Filings
  • From the SEC Filings tab, select the filing that you want from the list

Note, you can limit to specific types of filings by clicking the Filing Type filters dropdown menu and filtering to the filing you want.