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MET315 Engineering Economics (Neuhard): Pg. 7 Non-Financial Concerns

Prof. Scott Neuhard

Non-Financial Concerns

Page 7: Are there any major non-financial concerns about your company?  Are there any major lawsuits filed against the company?  Are there any social groups rallying to put the company out of business?  Is there any government legislation being proposed that will limit the ability of the company to fulfill its obligation?  Are there any new products being introduced or any acquisitions that will help the company achieve future growth?

Find Non-Financial Concerns

Find Court Cases and Lawsuits

  • enter your company's name (NOT the ticker symbol) into the search box
    • NOTE: put quotation marks around your company name to search for it specifically i.e. "best buy"
  • As you type, the drop down menu will populate with cases brought against your company
  • Click on the cases in the drop down menu OR hit ENTER and browse through the list of lawsuits
  • Limit your Sources on the left hand navigation to Cases only

Find Lawsuits:

  • Type in (Your Company's Name) AND lawsuits into the search box
    • Browse through the list of items
    • Limit your search based on publication date, geographic location, and full text
    • You can interchange the search terms lawsuits and cases

Find Mergers

  • Type in (Your Company's Name) AND merger into the search box
  • Browse from among the list resources
  • Limit by publication date, geographic location, and full text
    • Can also use acquisition and mergers interchangeably

Find Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Enter your company's name or ticker symbol and select the company from the drop down list
  • Browse the information under the Company Overview tab
  • Hover over the Company Overview tab and select Company History