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MET315 Engineering Economics (Neuhard): Pg. 8 Summary & Conclusion

Prof. Scott Neuhard

Summary & Conclusion

For page 8, write a detailed summary and also a conclusion for your overall statement on your company. These two pieces are not one in the same. Use this page of the guide to help you differentiate and write both sections.

Summary - Others' Ideas

A summary is an analysis of all of the facts, not your own ideas or comments, represented in the paper. The paper consisted of so much information, that you need to refresh your key concepts before you present your conclusion. Start by jotting down main ideas you have from the research you've done.

Writing Summary Resources

Conclusion - Your Ideas

The conclusion is where you can determine, in your own words, the future of the company. This is consisting of the next 1-5 years. Given the summary of the key concepts, take those concepts, and marry them with your own conclusions, ideas, and comments.


Writing Conclusion Resources