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MET315 Engineering Economics (Neuhard): Pg. 1 Describe the Company

Prof. Scott Neuhard

Company Background

For page 1, describe the company:  What it makes/does, employees, plants, plant location, sales volume, etc.  Use the resources on this tab to help you find this information.

Top Resources

Search for Company Information

  • Click on the Menu option at the top of the main Nexis Uni page and choose Company Dossier
  • Search by company name or ticker symbol and click Search
  • Snapshot of your company is displayed
  • Select from the options along the left-hand side menu for more information, including news, financials, etc.

Search for Company Information

  • Under the BROWSE RESEARCH tab, Enter the ticker, company, or industry name and click on the suggested name that populates
  • Click on PDF Reports and select a date to view a detailed report

Search for Company Information

    Click on Advanced Search and change the drop-down box from Anywhere to Ticker symbol - TKS
    Enter your company's ticker symbol in the search box and click Search
    If your company is found, click on the your company's name to open the report.

Search for International Directory of Company Histories

  • In GVRL, enter the name of your company in the search box
  • After you see your list of results, look along the right-hand menu and look for the heading Publication Title
  • Find the title International Directory of Company Histories and click on it
  • You should now see results that are only within this publication. You can use the titles of the articles to look for an overview of your company, or you can use the heading Subjects along the right to see if your company is listed there
  • If you find an overview of your company, click on the PDF link to view the article.

Search for information on your company:

  •  Click on Company Investigator
  • Under Other Business Reports click on Hoover's Company Profiles
  • Search by company name or ticker symbol
  • Scroll down the page to the find the company overview and history of the company