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MET315 Engineering Economics (Neuhard): Pg. 1 Describe the Company

Prof. Scott Neuhard

Choose Your Company

Company Background

Page 1: Describe the company in a financial summary

  • What it makes/does
  • Employees
  • Plants and plant location
  • Sales volume, etc.

Top Resources

Search for Company Information

  • Under the BROWSE RESEARCH tab, Enter the ticker, company, or industry name and click on the suggested name that populates
  • Click on PDF Reports and select a date to view a detailed report

Search for Company Information

  • Enter your company's name or ticker symbol and select the company from the drop down list
  • Browse the information under the Company Overview tab
  • Hover over the Company Overview tab and select
    • Company Description
    • Company History
    • Product and Operation

Search for Company Information

  • Enter your company name or ticker symbol or industry into the search box and choose either your company from the Company Profiles or your industry from the Industry Profiles drop-down menu
  • Browse through the Company Profile to view the Company History or Industry Profile to learn more

Search for Company Information

  • Enter your company's name (not ticker symbol) in the search box and click Search
  • If your company report is found, click on the your company's name to open the report

Note: the most useful reports will be from Hoover's Company Records

To locate industry and company information:

  • Click into the database
  • Scroll down the homepage to the Company Overviews and Industry Overviews boxes
  • Find your company or industry and view the information listed there.