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Civil Engineering: Find Books & Videos

Why use books?


In today's online world, do books still have a part to play? Absolutely!
Books can provide you with reliable information you can count on and include in your works cited/reference page. They often provide:

  • Background information
  • In-depth coverage of topic
  • Chapters that can break a topic down into smaller, more easily understood pieces
  • Pointers to more information on the same topic

Find Books & Videos Using...

The Library of Congress classification for civil engineering and surveying is TA.  More specifically, TA is broken down as follows:

  • TA1-2040 Engineering (General). Civil engineering. (General)
  • TA164 Bioengineering
  • TA165 Engineering instruments, meters, etc. Industrial instrumentation
  • TA166-167 Human engineering
  • TA168 Systems engineering
  • TA170-171 Environmental engineering
  • TA174 Engineering design
  • TA177.4-185 Engineering economy
  • TA190-194 Management of engineering works
  • TA197-198 Engineering meteorology
  • TA213-215 Engineering machinery, tools, and implements
  • TA329-348 Engineering mathematics. Engineering analysis
  • TA349-359 Mechanics of engineering. Applied mechanics
  • TA365-367 Acoustics in engineering. Acoustical engineering
  • TA401-492 Materials of engineering and construction. Mechanics of materials
  • TA495 Disasters and engineering
  • TA501-625 Surveying
  • TA630-695 Structural engineering (General)
  • TA703-712 Engineering geology. Rock mechanics. Soil mechanics. Underground construction
  • TA715-787 Earthwork. Foundations
  • TA800-820 Tunneling. Tunnels
  • TA1001-1280 Transportation engineering
  • TA1501-1820 Applied optics. Photonics
  • TA2001-2040 Plasma engineering. Applied plasma dynamics

Browsing in any of these areas may lead to the discovery of valuable material in addition to the specific items listed in this guide.

T Technology

  • TC Hydraulic engineering
  • TD Environmental technology.  Sanitary engineering
  • TE Highway engineering.  Roads and pavements
  • TF Railroad engineering and operation
  • TG Bridge engineering
  • TH Building construction (see the Building and Construction Call Number Guide for more detailed ranges)