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PHO150 Digital Photography: Home

Instructor: Joanna Yoder

Student Evaluation of Library Instruction

Today's Goals

  1. Gain a basic understanding of the library catalog and databases and some tips and tricks to more efficiently search it.
  2. Know where to find resources to help you with citations.
  3. Know where to find physical photography books in the Madigan Library.


This guide contains a wealth of informational content including videos, tools, and links to databases, scholarly online resources, and information about print and electronic materials available through the Madigan Library that will be helpful in achieving your academic goals and completing your research requirements. 

If you ever have any research questions, please remember that I am here for you! I can be contacted using the information located on the "Help" tab of this guide. There you can also find options for getting immediate assistance if I'm not available. 

Browse by Call Number

TR1-1050                  Photography

TR250-265                                   Cameras

TR287-500                                   Photographic processing.  Darkroom technique

TR504-508                                   Transparencies.  Diapositives

TR510-545                                   Color photography

TR550-581                                   Studio and laboratory

TR590-620                                   Lighting

TR624-835                                   Applied photography (artistic, commercial, medical                                                                photography, photocopying processes, etc.)

TR845-899                                   Cinematography.  Motion pictures


TR925-1050                                 Photomechanical processes

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